Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hi, Hannah here. I am based in Australia and have created this blog as a means of helping to promote my brother Stephen's business in Papua New Guinea. I am hoping to post Stephen's Dive Diary entries here, as well as any other interesting news & stories about Kabaira Dive as they occur.

Now for a bit of background on the business - After getting his PADI Dive Master qualification in Cairns, Qld., Australia, Stephen moved back to our family home at Kabaira in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2003. With the support of his parents, Bert & Lyn, he has established Kabaira Dive as the province's longest continually running land-based dive tour operator in recent years. For more details on the dive sites and services that Kabaira Dive offers, including accomodation and optional land tours, please visit www.kabairadive.com.pg


Sheena said...

I just found your site today and I'm really looking forward to reading your blog.

I do linguistic fieldwork in Kabaira, and while I'm in PNG I live just a couple of minutes away from Kabaira dive. Someday I'm going to finish my scuba certification and the first place that I'll want to go dive is in Kabaira!

Hannah said...

Hi Sheena. Thanks for leaving a comment. Whenever you are next back near Kabaira be sure to pop in and say hello :)

Jean-Risi said...


The website is so coooool, my friends and i have all daydreamed about coming there for a holiday. Maybe when Circuit Courts go on holidays (not likely):(

p.s. pass on my regards to Steven -a former neighbour from Cairns.

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