Friday, May 29, 2009

Peak into Tolai Culture

A few months back my parents attended the Kiniwai (mortuary process a.k.a. basically the passing on of the traditional estate of a deceased elder) of Mele Paivu on Matupit Island (East New Britain Province). They captured footage of the event which can been seen in the video below. The National (A PNG newspaper) also posted an article about it on their website here - its worth a read for the background into the process and tradition.

The video below shows a stark contrast of the greens and reds against a beautiful backdrop of a landscape devasted by the nearby active volcanoe Matupit a.k.a. Tavurvur. The beat of the traditional kundu drums also add to the eeriness and spectacle.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nius Bilong Te-dei

Welcome to our first Nuis Bilong Te-dei a.k.a. News for the day post!

In these posts I'll be posting any interesting news articles and other tidbits I glean from the internet relating to PNG.

'Witches' put to death in Papua New Guinea as mob rule takes hold
As 'mob rule takes hold'? Uh, I think one will find that the mob has always ruled...

Adventure on our doorstep

Small Lifestyle/Travel article with mentions of Port Moresby (POM), the Sepik, Rabaul and the Volcanoes.

A hero comes home
Bio & Memorial details for American WW2 pilot McCown lost in New Guinea

Have camera, will travel for Martin
Martin Smith garnered a commendation at the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards for his photo of Tavurvur and The Mother at twilight.

1500 people gather in Lae for Ba'hai Conference

Two PNG mines stop production
Report on Barrick Gold's Kainantu mine being shut down due to poor performance and on Lihir Gold Ltd's landowner issues interrupting production on Lihir Island

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Relaunch & Welcome

To commemorate the new year I have decided to relaunch this blog with a new and broader focus. That being Papua New Guinea as a travel destination.

A bit of background about myself - my father is a Papua New Guinean of mixed ancestry. His mother is part New Ireland Province national, part European New Zealander. His father is believed to be a Philipino American. There is an interesting story in itself which I will dedicate a post (or several) to in time. My mother is an English/Danish/Welsh Australian. I was born in Australia but from the age of 18 months to 11 years I lived in and about Rabaul, East New Britain Province in Papua New Guinea. The majority of that period was spent living on a coconut & cocoa plantation, and being home-schooled by my mother. During my teens, and for the purposes of my secondary education, my parents remained in Rabaul while I lived with relations in Brisbane, Australia. Generally I returned to home to Rabaul and my parents, at least once, if not twice a year. After high school I did a BSc(Hons) degree in Marine Biology & Aquaculture, lived and worked in Townsville, Melbourne, and Tasmania, and pursued graduate studies in the field of Aquaculture research. More recently I have felt my roots calling so to speak and have moved closer to home, to Cairns, Australia. In recent years I have explored my interests in photography, scuba diving, travel and the web/internet.

I feel strongly that Papua New Guinea is a beautiful place to visit and experience those unique personal 'adventures' that with globalisation are rapidly becoming more and more scarce. The country however, does not have the most desirable of reputations in order to attract travellers and I believe this is something that can be rectified, simply by educating people about the country, and help put into context the negative news articles I see more often than not.

So this is my 'bit' to promote New Guinea and share with travellers the place I love & call home.
I want it to be known that I will endeavour to promote New Guinea as a destination rather than individual New Guinea tour and travel operators. I do believe that if we work together, everyone can benefit. If at anytime a post appears to be biased in any way, please contact me directly and I will rectify the situation where possible.